Executive Outplacement

The ongoing need for business reinvention to survive mandates redundancy for executives where capability is no longer aligned to the needs of the business.

For 5% of the executives TFR we assist by -

  • Capability assessing the executive and providing feedback
  • Working with the executive to re-establish their relevance to business and reposition their 'brand'
  • Providing coaching direction to align their capabilities with high performance principles
  • Providing assistance in the preparation of contemporary CV's
  • Accessing our extensive network to seek redeployment opportunities

For 10% of the executives TFR we assist by -

  • Doing the above
  • Providing a six month coaching service to the executive facilitated by a Capability HQ principal or senior associate
    • Working 1:1 with them on identified capability 'gaps'
    • Working 1:1 with them on converting employment opportunities to being a new role
    • Working 1:1 with them on successfully transitioning the executive into their new role
    • Working 1:1 with them on identifying networking opportunities within their field to develop and maintain contemporary knowledge and contacts within the sector